Thursday, November 15, 2007

Reba and Ed's Excellent Adventure

Well, it's actually Ed's adventure, and it's not "excellent," but I am trying to put a happier spin on all this.

Ed started drinking his "whatever" solution at 4 p.m. He says the solution is "awful" and gets worse as time goes on, but he's doing it. He drinks 8 ounces every 15 minutes. As of 6:45, he had consumed 3/4 of the gallon of solution. This is one time when being a pessimist is actually being optimistic. This particular "glass being (more than) half-empty" is a GOOD thing!

Ed ate Jello for breakfast and Jello and broth for lunch. All things considered, he's feeling pretty good. The clear liquids (which include juice and water) have kept him from being hungry.

The "funny" thing about today is that because of work stuff, I didn't get to go to lunch until 2:45, by which point I was REALLY hungry. I ate my sandwich and realized there wasn't much more I could eat, as Ed had accidentally forgotten to give me a spoon for my yogurt and applesauce. So, HE'S the one who can't eat "real" food, yet I'm the one who's hungry. :)

In an attempt at solidarity, apart from the granola bar I ate on the way home, I won't eat anything else until he finishes the solution. Then he will eat some broth, and I will eat... Well, I don't know what I'll eat. I feel bad eating when Ed can't.

In the meantime, bottoms up.

And then brush your hair, just so you look pretty.