Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ed and Debbie Norville

Ed called a little while ago. He's going to meet me for the Deborah Norville book signing.

I hope he brings the 53-year-old adult who "knows" her as Deborah, not the twenty-something-year-old who "knew" her as Debbie Norville from when she worked at WAGA in Atlanta. (When Deborah left WAGA in 1979, I was 4. Ed was 25. I feel either really old or really young right now. I'm not sure which.)



Anonymous said...

I was 14. I have no memory of her at WAGA. We watched WSB.

My father dated a local news anchor. I'm not naming names. It wasn't DN.

Rebecca said...

The fact that your dad didn't date DN is SUCH a relief! Your dad dating DN would be kind of like my dad dating DN. In other words, WAY too close for comfort. :)