Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Deborah Norville

Today after work, I'm going to see Deborah Norville at a book signing for Thank You Power.

I'm excited. As you can see, I so excited that I took a PICTURE of the reminder that popped up on Ed's car's navigation system this morning. I also brought my camera, should any opportunities for picture-taking arise at the signing.

I'm also nervous.

For several years (from when I was 15 or 16 through a bit beyond college), I wrote her fairly frequently, and she wrote me back occasionally. I wanted to BE Deborah Norville for much of that time, i.e. work in television, perhaps on air. (The thought makes me shudder now, but whatever.)

When I met her 10 years ago at a book signing for Back on Track, she absolutely remembered who I was.

Except for a quick e-mail through her Web site a few weeks ago, I haven't written her since 1998ish.

The adult Rebecca knows it's quite unlikely she'll have a clue who I am and knows that's o.k. The 15-year-old Rebecca that still lives deep within me desperately wants her to remember me.

The 15-year-old Rebecca almost doesn't want to go for fear of having her adolescent self crushed. The adult Rebecca is trying to convince both selves that it will be nice to see her anyway, whether she remembers or not.


Anonymous said...

i had a very Smeagol/Gollum moment reading your post. Deborah Norville, precious.

Rebecca said...

I SO don't understand that reference. I looked up "memorable quotes" from LOTR:TTT and still don't get it.

Sarah said...

Smeagol is the younger version of Gollum. Smeagol and Gollum have a conversation with each other in the movie. They are creatures of different times and, therefore, have different points of view. Smeagol (past) is more hopeful, while Gollum (present) is more cynical.

At least you knew which movie I was referencing. You get points for that. :)

Rebecca said...

Ahhhh... thanks for the explanation. That must have happened during the 15 minutes of the movie when people weren't walking, walking, walking, fighting; walking, walking, walking, fighting. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, technically Frodo was tripping and falling. Everyone else walked (or rode Ents, wargs and horses).