Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The book signing

Ed behaved himself. :)

I told Deborah my favorite Deborah Norville Writes Rebecca story. It has to do with advice "Aunt Deborah" (her words) gave me in 1991 about how much my taste in men would change over the years. It was so wonderful to tell the story with the evidence standing right next to me. :)

If she remembered me, it was only vaguely. But that's o.k. I had a lovely, adult conversation with her. (By the way, the 15-year-old Rebecca was shaking in her boots.)

After her book tour is over (whenever that is), I'll drop her a note and thank her for how kind she was. She, like everyone else we've ever met, said she could see how much we love each other written all over our face.

She even made note of our happiness -- and her hopes that God would always keep us as happy as we are now -- in the inscription in the book she signed for us. Very sweet. It was a nice time. I'm glad I went. And I'm even happier Ed was with me.


Sarah said...

That's a sweet story.

By the way, I LOVE ED is tattooed on your forehead. I can't believe you haven't noticed that before.

Rebecca said...

So the TATTOO is that pain I feel on my forehead! I thought I was channeling Harry Potter or somethin'.