Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Grandma" Irene's

We’re on the way home from Irene’s house (9 p.m.). No, we don’t have Internet in the car. I’m just so tired I want to do this now, so I can cut, paste, and go to BED.

Ed and I took Toby to "Grandma" Irene's for the Annual Photographing of the Dogs. That done, we discovered that Irene had a major computer virus problem. After purchasing and installing Norton (or six hours later) her computer is in MUCH better shape. We still need to get the router she also purchased working correctly, but that’s for another visit to Irene’s.

Each year Irene asks if we can stay “a bit longer.” I bet she won’t do THAT again. :)

It was a nice day, but we’re exhausted.

Pics tomorrow, but I’ll bet you knew that already.


P.S. We DO have Internet in our driveway, so that's where I'm posting this from. :)