Sunday, October 28, 2007

2007 Fall Electronics Recycling Day

Yesterday, Ed and I went to recycle some "dead" electronics in Decatur. Our friend Heather told all of us at work about it. We thought we'd be in and out in a hurry. Not so much. Traffic, traffic, traffic. Police officers directing traffic. Multiple lines for drop-off. Us bickering when the guy taking our recyclables couldn't get the back door of the car open. :)

Good times.

We felt good about keeping this stuff out of the landfill... and I'm sure we'll have more in the spring when they do this all over again.

3 comments: said...

Speaking of landfills, have you heard of Freecycle? It keeps over 300 tons out of landfills each day!
Vicky and I will be interviewing the founder, Deron Beal next week - let us know if you have a question for him!

Heather said...

Sorry it was a frustrating experience for you! What time did you go? I got there reasonably early (during the first hour), and was in and out in a couple of minutes -- and though they had multiple lines going, it was all pretty well organized. (It might've helped that I didn't have as much as last time, too: only enough to fill the passenger seat and floor on that side of the car.)

Maybe they're outgrowing their location at the high school? :-(

Rebecca said...

It really wasn't frustrating... just wild. :)