Friday, October 26, 2007

A different language

Sarah came over tonight to pick up her dog, who we'd been watching while Sarah was on a business trip. We invited her for dinner, and we had a lovely time.

But near the end of her visit, the strangest thing happened. They started speaking Geekinese. It started with her looking at Ed's collection of R2-D2s and went from there. They talked about this strange creature called a Tribble. I thought that must be a cousin of Tigger, but apparently it's from "Star Trek." I was completely lost.

I continue to be lost. Ed just asked me if I was blogging. I said yes, and he confirmed that I had spelled R2-D2 correctly. Then he told me, "I need to get a bender." I thought he was indicating an as-of-yet unseen desire to get drunk. Then he told me that Bender is a robot from the t.v. show "Futurama."

I am so confused.

What I see when I look at this photo: lots of R2-D2s, a C3PO, and bunch of other things.

What Ed sees when he looks at this photo: "I see my robot collection." More specifically, he sees R2-D2s, C3PO, Robby the Robot, Robot B9, and the TARDIS (whatever that is).

It's amazing with this critical difference in our interests that we ever got married. ;)


Sarah said...

I wouldn't call the TARDIS a robot. It's Doctor Who's ship. However, it does have an intelligence or maybe soul would be a better way to describe it.

You completely left out the part of the discussion about Worf and the Klingons of Kirk's era. That was too funny.

Sarah said...

Tell Ed he needs to get a K-9.