Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Each year, I forget how bad my feet hurt after the fourth (or so) day of my business trip.

But I swear they didn't hurt this much last year. They were almost numb a few times today.


It will be over soon. HooRAH!


LceeL said...

They say that in New York you don't need a car - that you can walk almost anywhere. And it's true. But it helps if you're used to it. Walking, that is.

Anonymous said...

My sister's best friend lent me some boots she purchased here in New York when she realized she hadn't the proper footwear for all the walking on the cold pavement.

They aren't expensive boots, but they are lined, which seems to make a BIG difference in the way my feet feel. Plus, my toes are toasty.

I'm still jealous that you get to leave a day earlier than me. :(