Saturday, July 28, 2007

My trip to the vet, by Toby

A couple of days ago (I don't remember when), I ate part of a plastic cup. I got part of it caught inbetween two teeth.

It hurt. A lot. Mom and Dad took me to the vet this morning. See how worried they look?

The vet took good care of me. They took out the piece of plastic, took x-rays to see if I have anything in my system that I shouldn't (I do, but I think it will pass just fine), gave me some barium in case it DOESN'T pass and they have to do another x-ray, and checked my ears. I have a yeast infection in there.

So I have four different medicines (two for my stomach/mouth problem and two for my ears), special food for the next three or four days, and a $450 bill.

Mom and Dad really love me.

Now we're going to visit Leslie and Bryan and their family at Indian Springs. Fox has to stay home.


Anonymous said...

Poor Toby.