Saturday, July 28, 2007

Indian Springs, Weekend 2

Ed, Toby, and I had a great second trip to Indian Springs.

A sampling of the photos:

Elizabeth and me.

Elizabeth is always so proud of herself when she pulls herself to a standing position. :)

Sarah hanging out in the golf cart the family uses to travel around the campground.

Jacob checking out Toby. (It was hard to get pictures of Jake this year.)

We all went to Indian Springs State Park. The kids played in the creek. Toby and Ed hung out in the shade. Smart dog and human.

I absolutely love this picture of Ben.

This is the best picture I got of the three older kids together. In some ways, this is best. This is Jacob, Ben, and Sarah in their "natural" environment: busy, busy, busy.

Family Portrait 1 (Sarah is hiding.)

Family Portrait 2 (There's Sarah!)
I'm going to have a Photoshop master "blend" these photos, so we get the best expressions of all family members. Ah, technology.

I'm sad we likely won't see this great family again until this time next year, but I always value the time we have together. Leslie and Bryan are the only non-local (to me) college friends I stay in close contact with. They are forever friends... to both Ed and to me.