Sunday, July 22, 2007

Indian Springs, weekend one

Each year I, and now Ed, go to Indian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting to visit with Leslie, my best friend from college, her husband Bryan (also a college friend) and their four kids. I met their youngest, Elizabeth, for the first time yesterday.

We had a nice visit, but I'm beat.

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures.

Elizabeth Grace

Sarah the Jumping Bean

Leslie and Elizabeth

A blur: this is what life feels like when I'm with Leslie and her family. I can't imagine what life feels like for them. :)

Next Saturday, Ed and I will go back for the day and take Toby.


I hope the presence of the dog as a "prop" will allow me to get some pictures of the boys.


Anonymous said...

Cute baby. Do Leslie and Bryan need any kittens?