Monday, July 23, 2007

Ed's oral surgery

Ed had oral surgery today to remove tooth fragments from three areas of his mouth. The surgery went well, and after he heals he'll be able to get the rest of his dental work done, as finances and insurance allow.

After a quiet afternoon, Fox is back to his usual self, which means Ed is on the mend. (Pain medication and sleep are good things.)

This is the second time this year that Ed's had to have surgery. He has a screening colonoscopy yet to be done this year, but after that I hope we're done with surgery/anesthesia/sedation for awhile. These procedures are harder for Ed than for me, of course, but as a loving wife it's hard to see him in pain. The middle-of-the-night medication alarms aren't any fun either.

Here is Fox administering some TLC.

I never realized how long Fox's tongue is!

In other news, I'm still plugging away at the last Harry Potter book. I'm going to finish before I go back to work on Wednesday if it kills me. It might; I have about 500 pages to go. At least I'll have something to read when I get up at midnight to give Ed his meds. :)