Saturday, January 5, 2008

SiteMeter ate 100 of my visitors!

Yesterday afternoon, I hit 1000 visitors. This afternoon (as of 3:25 p.m.), I'm back down to 996 visitors. I lost stats for at least 100 visitors.

Has this happened to anyone else out there who uses SiteMeter?


Sandy C. said...

Eh? How could this be? I don't have one....due to my shameful traffic, and the need to not advertise it, but huh? I don't know. Could it be it miscounted initially?

Anonymous said...

I don't run sitemeter, but I would be emailing them to ask where your stats went.

You asked about ATCs, and the best explanations I could find are and

I'm a quilter (and Irish dance costume maker) so obviously mind are textile. They are great fun, in fact I am finding they're a little bit addictive.

Cute dogs.

Rebecca said...

Sandy, the numbers were there yesterday afternoon... and now not so much. I'm missing a whole 24 hours.

Kate, I've e-mailed SiteMeter. Thanks for the info about ATCs. Sounds fun! And thanks for the compliment about the dogs.

Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

I've never found stats counters to be reliable at all. Even if you actually pay for some fairly advanced software? They might be more reliable say, if you were running a business and needed to track your traffic for making money, advertising sales etc...

For example, tracking IP addresses. They can get re-routed and you'll never know who is or may be reading your from where.

Numbers? Well, again, I don't trust them. For example...I use WordPress and nothing matches with SiteMeter. They might be close but I don't know if that's because WP's views are measured via GMT and Site Meter's aren't?

I used Google Analytics while on Blogger before. I think WP relies upon that in their built in software but as a user you can't really dig down--at least on the .com version. You might be able to do something on the .org where you host.

Either way, I don't care *laughing* My numbers shown on my blog (courtesy of WP) aren't really indicative of how many people have come by as I migrated my Blogger blog so they were never counted then.

Take care,

Jayne d'Arcy said...

I use three different site tracking thingies, including site meter. None of them ever agree. And yep, I've lost visitors at site meter, too.

Fern said...

I will cry and cry if it appears such a thing has happened to me. I am addicted to SiteMeter.

Also, I used to work in publishing in Atlanta (not certain you're in Atlanta)... I worked for a large publisher of trade magazines. Wondering if it is the same company as where you work.

Thanks for commenting on my blog -- I'll be checking back here! (And maybe we can discuss the ins and outs of Big Brother 9!)

Rebecca said...


I heard from SiteMeter, and they had trouble with the server my meter is on. They got it fixed and my stats are back. :)

I'm glad you'll be back. :) I love this Blog365 thing. It's been so fun.

I work for the magazine of a society of engineers... but I bet I know where you worked... just can't think of the name now...