Sunday, January 20, 2008

Made it!

I made it to New York. I also decided, at least for today, that paying $14.95/day for Internet access in my room is worth it. Makes the hotel room feel a little like "home," and this blog gives me the opportunity to "chill" and to spill some of my wacky thoughts into cyberspace. Somehow, "blogging" offline and uploading when I get home just isn't the same. Tomorrow, I may decide $14.95/per day for Internet access isn't worth it and blog offline. But today, not so much.


Some come to New York to see the sites, to see a show (or 6, if you're me), to people watch (sometimes also known as "seeing the sites," but that's another story). Me? At least this time, I came to work.

I woke up right as the plane was passing the Statue of Liberty. That was pretty exciting. The left side of the plane had a wonderful view of the city. I've been here a few times, but it's always exciting to me. In the taxi, I pointed out some landmarks (Madison Avenue, approximately 17 CVS Drugstores) to my coworker and taxi-mate, who has never been here. Tomorrow after work, we're going to walk over to Times Square and grab a bite for dinner. Besides that, we'll spend most of our time sleeping and working (but not in that order).

For a little while, back in the late 1990s, I wanted to move here. Now I'm a little older and wiser and know that New York IS a great place, but as the saying goes, I would not want to live here.

However, I must make it a point to visit more often... and next time I'll come when I don't have to work.


cool mum said...

Almost $15/day for internet!? You must be as addicted as I am!