Saturday, January 19, 2008

"If we can maaaake it there..."

" will be a miracle."

This going to New York on my business trip isn't going so well. I feel like crap, so my husband's doing all the laundry, errand-running, etc. He's doing a fine job at all of that, so that's not the problem.

But it just seems like it's taking FOREVER to do anything, in large part because I have to lay on the couch every 15 minutes for 45 minutes.

During one of my 15-minute bursts of energy, I look for Ed's long underwear. I can't find it, so Ed goes out to get some. And discovers when he gets back that he's bought two pairs of long underwear PANTS, not a pair of pants and a shirt. So back he goes.

When he gets back from there, he needs to get gas for my car. There are approximately 0.02 gallons in the tank. I hope he makes it the 1.2 miles to the gas station.

So it's 7:10, we've barely started packing.

And I'm blogging. This isn't helping.

Oh, and the big irony? There's been bad weather here and up the eastern seaboard. This means we may sit at the airport for seven million hours because of weather backups. After all this rushing around. Or should I say "rushing around," at least on my part.

So if we get to New York, we'll consider ourselves blessed. Wish us luck.


Jessica said...

You will make it! I hope you feel better!!! Hey, blogging can be comforting! Blog on!

Marlee said...

So lucky your husband is *useful*! ;)

Good luck!

Maxie said...

Ugh, I'm such a procrastinator when it comes time to go on a trip.