Wednesday, December 19, 2007

WFMW: Storing Christmas Lights

As mentioned here and here, we're not big decorators for Christmas. However, in years past I have been known to put up a tree. However, when it was time to undecorate, I couldn't afford to buy the "spools" designed to keep stored lights from getting tangled.

So this is what I do (when I actually decorate): loosely wrap the lights in a roughly 8-inch diameter circle. When you get to the end of the string of lights, "plug" the cords into each other. This way there is no doubt where the string begins and ends. I put each "plugged" strand in its own plastic bag, which further prevents tangling.

It worked for me. Hopefully, it will work for you, too. For more WFMW tips (Christmas and otherwise), click here. And leave a tip of your own. It's fun!