Sunday, December 9, 2007

Well, that decision is easier now

You all know I love my husband Ed more than anything.

But I also have a pretty big thing for Rick Reilly, at least literarily speaking. The "love affair" began in 1997 when I worked for CNN Sports Illustrated. One of the perks of the job was that we got free copies of Sports Illustrated. Rick Reilly wrote the "back page" column. It was the first thing I read most weeks. In fact, Rick's column is the main reason I started subscribing a few years ago.

So imagine my horror when I opened to the back page of this week's SI and didn't see Rick's column. Even worse, there was no "Rick Reilly is on vacation" notice.

A news search on Google confirmed my fears: Rick has left SI for ESPN. He starts there in June. This just added insult to injury, as another of my faves, Steve Rushin, left the magazine earlier this year.

My subscription expires in a couple of weeks. I'll probably subscribe again one day, maybe even next year, but this news makes resubscribing immediately seem not as urgent.


Anonymous said...

I read Uncle Stevie first in EW. I wish he wrote more often.