Sunday, December 16, 2007

Take Care!

(This entry contains medical talk. Nothing too "oogy," but fair warning.)

Today, I had the occasion to avail myself of yet another drugstore urgent care facility: Take Care Health Centers, run by Walgreens.

The reason? A bladder infection. I am SO SICK of bladder infections. This is one of those ailments that I wish could be cured with over the counter medications; after the first couple of diagnoses, you KNOW that 's what you have, no medical professional necessary.

To add insult to today's particular injury, I could not produce the necessary specimen to save my life. Twice, someone came to check on me. More than 48 ounces of fluid consumed in a very short period of time provided barely enough "results" to do the test. Oy.

So off I go once again to the land of antibiotics, full-strength cranberry juice, lots of water, and various other aids, including cuddles from Fox Dog, to make me feel better.