Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jazz and Toby

Jazz and Toby, originally uploaded by safjazz.

Back in the olden days, Sarah took this picture of Jazz and Toby when she was taking care of him while I was out of town.

But even longer ago than THAT (in July of 2000), Jazz adopted Sarah... I mean Sarah adopted Jazz.

In November of 2001, I adopted Toby.

Toby and Jazz are best dog friends. As his first act of friendship, Toby shared a nasty stomach virus with Jazz.

Now they share a mitral valve disease diagnosis. Toby got his on November 26. Two Mondays later (December 10) Jazz received the preliminary diagnosis, which was made official today.

Sharing is important in a friendship, but this is ridiculous. :)

So although it stinks that we both have a dog with mitral valve disease, it's nice that we have each other with whom to compare notes and commiserate.

And amid the Mitral Valve Adventure, we'll continue to enjoy living life with our wonderful dogs (Fox, too, of course). After all, almost everything is better with a dog.


Anonymous said...

I have always loved that photo of them. :)

Jeri and Darrin said...

No, EVERYTHING is better with a dog!

Wait... that sounds REALLY WRONG!