Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holiday Luncheon

Our company's holiday luncheon was today at The Cheesecake Factory. I ate some of this, Ceasar salad, and a few tortilla chips for appetizers. They were small portions, because we had very small plates.

For the main course, I had salmon, mashed potatoes and asparagus (but didn't eat all of the mashed potatoes and asparagus).

For dessert, I had a piece of this. (They don't call it The Cheesecake Factory for nothing.)

I didn't overeat, or at least not too badly. It was still too much food.

Maybe I should have eaten this instead. :)

The food was good, my lunch companions were delightful, and the gift card and travel mug we received were wonderful treats. It was a nice day.

Tomorrow is January Issue Ship Day (or The Big Ship, as Ed and I have been calling it.) That should make for an even NICER day. :)


Anonymous said...

The little plates cracked me up. We really should have taken our cameras!

I'd never been there before. I thought the salmon was excellent. But, the asparagus was practically raw.

I didn't eat dinner tonight. I'm still too full.