Thursday, December 27, 2007

Francis at Christmas

Francis, playing with the Colorforms he got from his mom and dad for Christmas.

My sister called Christmas day to chat, and so Francis could thank us for the books we bought him. (We got him this, this, and this -- the latter a childhood favorite.) Ed was on the phone with his sister, so I had the extreme pleasure of hearing my nephew say things like "Thank you for the presents, Aunt Rebecca" and "Thank you for the books, Uncle Ed" and "Merry Christmas, Aunt Rebecca" and "I love you, Aunt Rebecca."

Not to mention "I'm eating cranberries." (What can I say? The kid loves dried fruit. Keeps him regular AND it's good for him.)

He'll be three on January 8. He's a genius, I tell you.

I wish they weren't so far away. (They're in Montana.) But hearing his sweet voice on Christmas day made it a little bit easier.