Monday, October 8, 2007


The Lamp Fairy came while I was on vacation. Isn't it great? I will eventually buy one myself, but it was nice of the Lamp Fairy to think of me, my eyes, and my mental health. :)

UPDATE (7:36 a.m.): The Lamp Fairy/Fairies picked this lamp out especially for me for me to have forever and ever. Now I don't have to go lamp shopping! Whoo hoo! ::: clapping wildly :::

Thank you, Lamp Fairy/Fairies.


Sarah said...

Behave, or the lamp fairies will visit upon you an even BETTER lamp. Trust me. Lamp fairies know where to buy the best (worst) lamps. :)

Miss Mommy said...

The stinky egg in the trashcan fairies visited me while I was at lunch.

Funny, I walked by your office on Friday and saw that and wondered why you would have a lamp on your desk, that wasn't plugged in.