Monday, October 15, 2007

Sweet Asbury kitty

My favorite of the three, originally uploaded by RebeccaMaty.

Asbury was sitting in the window watching Ed and me (and the dogs) on the deck. When I came back in, I peeked in at her, called her name, and got this super-sweet expression.


Rebecca said...

Hooray! It worked!

I apologize to those who got spammed by my trying to figure out how to blog from Flickr. Having multiple computers with various Google logins gets complicated. When I gave Flickr permission to connect to Google, I must have been logged in as Ed. About 10 tries later, I finally started over, made sure I was logged in as myself, and voila. I can blog from Flickr. (I also changed my yahoo account in the process.) Computers... great when their humans know how to use them.