Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mammoth Cave National Park

We had a nice drive from Atlanta. We took a "detour" in Nashville to go to the Opryland Hotel, which has two beautiful atria, filled with all sorts of plants, flowers, and waterfalls. I took a ton of pictures. Ed took lots of pictures, too, most of them are of me taking pictures. :)

The Mammoth Cave Hotel is absolutely adorable. The first thing we noticed was the deer. We arrived just before nightfall, and there were tons of deer grazing. Very, very cool.

It's an "old-style" hotel. We have an actual key to our room, and we signed in using a paper register. It's clean and quiet. The dining room's food is yummy and inexpensive. The hotel is also very "green." In addition to the traditional "green" things hotels do these days, they use all natural cleaners. I'll take a picture of the "green products" display and post it later.

Actually, I'll post a lot of pictures later. Vacation shouldn't be spent doing nothing but blogging. :)

I can already tell I'm going to wish we had about a week to stay here, not just a night.

Oh, Ed just said we have "recycled toilet paper." I know what he meant, but my first reaction was "ewww!"