Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Curves, Halloween, and blogging

I'm sitting in the garage, downloading photos and blogging, waiting for the last few trick-or-treaters to come by.

My Curves total for the month is 9. I wish I'd done better (12 workouts a month is the Curves Way). A few things kept me away: I was sick for a few days, Ed's been sick this week, and tonight I had birthday dinner plans with Sarah... oh, and Halloween. I fully intended to go to Curves after dinner with Sarah... and was on my way, but Ed wanted me to come home for trick-or-treaters. (I didn't even know we were DOING trick-or-treating.)

Anyway, I'll do better in November, hopefully. I'll update my goal tomorrow after I get back from Curves. (I don't know how long they're closed for Thanksgiving.)

Here's a picture of me blogging, courtesy of Ed (or Mr. RebeccaMaty, as I credit him on my Flickr page). Halloween pictures tomorrow or Friday.

(Ed keeps taking my photo over and over. Now I know how he feels when I won't stop taking his picture: self-conscious, a bit annoyed, maybe a touch flattered? Hmmm...)