Monday, October 1, 2007


My office's firewall (or whatever) is blocking my Curves-O-Meter ticker. The reason? It falls under the "forbidden" category of "sex education." I am not making this up.

I think this happened because the Web site where I got the exercise ticker "specializes" in tickers for people who are pregnant, trying to conceive, etc.

I can access the Victoria's Secret Web site from work, but not my exercise ticker. Not that I WOULD access the Victoria's Secret site from work, but still... ;)


Heather said...

Dare I ask what the pregnancy attempters are ticking off on their counters? o.O

You've got to love our firewall and its wacky alarms. In the course of work browsing, I have repeatedly been blocked because it thinks the sites have to do with all sorts of off-the-wall stuff; the only time it was even remotely accurate was when it blocked attempts to research our beverages chapter because the sites dealt with alcohol. (Duh, but our chapter dealt with alcohol. Kind of hard to fact-check a brewing chapter if you can't access a brewing site.)

I particularly like the fact that PETA is blocked for porn. :-) It just amuses me.

I've never gotten the sex ed blocking message, though. Can't have employees knowing about that, ya know. Crivens!

Rebecca said...

I could access the Budweiser, Bartles and Jaymes, and Corona Web sites when I tried a few minutes ago. (Not that that's the really HARD stuff or anything, but it's funny what we can access and what we can't.)

As for the pregnancy attempters, they're mainly "my baby is 'this' old/big/far along/days away from being born" ype things. Not quite sure how that's "sex education," but the word "cervix" is on the site, so that may have done it.

Sarah said...

It makes sense that PETA is blocked. The animals are clearly naked. Ha!

Rebecca went to beer sites. Ha! I don't know why that amuses me so. Two ships of champagne! My headache is better. I'm delirious. :)

You said the "c" word. I may never forgive you. Oh wait. You just wrote it. No audio involved. OK, you're off the hook.

Forgive me. I've had much Tylenol and Jello today.

I want a comments feed. Pretty please? :-)

Miss Mommy said...

Wonder why I can get through it to look at hard core porn, but can't access to look at the sale they are having on chicken breasts?