Sunday, September 9, 2007

Office Space

We went to our new office today (Sunday) to make sure the phone and computers work (they do, thanks to our outstanding IT department) and to unpack essentials, so we can hit the ground running tomorrow morning.

When I started this job, my cubicle was all set up for me, and I've made almost no changes. In my new space, I have to decide where to put the contents of my 11 boxes. Except for my "active" files, I haven't a clue. I was completely overwhelmed.

Therefore, I did the minimum: I unpacked my "to do" lists, a few pens, the previously mentioned active files, and a couple of other items. The rest I'll try to deal with this week.

As for the space itself, I think I'll enjoy it. The commute likely will be complete hell, but it's only for nine months, or a year, or 14 months, depending on all the wacky delays renovations bring. The bright side of the long commute is I'll have more time to listen to my books on CD. Books on CD make almost anything better.