Monday, September 3, 2007

Not little Andy!

'Family Ties' cast member gets 2 years' probation

One of my all-time favorite "Family Ties" quotes went something like this (at the start of the 1987-88 season):

Alex (on Andy's first day of kindgergarten): Now, Andy, the teacher is going to ask the students what they did on their summer vacations. Some will say, 'I went to the zoo,' or 'I went to visit Grandma.' What are you going to say?

Andy (very excited): I watched the Iran-Contra hearings!

Alex: And?

Andy: The president knows nothing.

Alex: Nothing about the scandal, Andy. Nothing about the scandal.

(The scary part is how close to verbatim that quote is. I have watched these episodes WAY too many times, apparently.)


Miss Mommy said...

I heard that Andy from Family Ties got arrested for beating the crap out of his live - in. Maybe if he'd had a normal childhood..........