Thursday, September 6, 2007


I am finished packing. When 3:45 rolls around (we close at 4), I'll put the stuff I'm currently working on in my "open me first" box and call it done.

I am taking four empty boxes/bins home with me, which feels a bit strange. However, I'll need these more-or-less immediately after the move, and I don't want to worry about not having what I need.

It's indescribably strange that in nine to 12 months we'll move back into this building, but NOTHING will be the same.

Now I'd better get back to it. At least a bit of that pile of "current stuff" will be recycled. The more I get recycled, the less I'll have to pack. And that means I don't have to unpack it either. The only thing I hate worse than packing is unpacking.