Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday night

Our dear friend Sam is sick. He "just" has a bad virus, but it has been bad with a capital "b." As in, he's been to the doctor's office three or four times and to the ER once. This week.

I talked with Sam's mom on my way home from work. I offered to come over so they could get out for a little while. Essentially, I walked in the door (after an almost two-hour commute) and told Ed we were going and to get in the car. What a good husband he is to put up me things like this.

The poor baby is so stuffed up. Feeding him a bottle is a bit of a challenge because he can't breathe and suck at the same time. So he drinks his bottles sitting up with many breathing breaks. And burping breaks.

After two poopy diapers, a little Pedialyte, his bottle, and a little "smiley time," he got fussy. Into his swing he went, and after a few minutes of being serenaded by his swing set's classical music, he fell asleep. And started snoring. Ed, meanwhile, watched a show about butchers on The History Channel's show called "Modern Marvels." I don't know which is a more effective pacifier: the swing for Sam or The History Channel (or Discovery Channel) for Ed. :)

Mom and Dad are still out, and Sam's still asleep. And snoring. I'm glad to have seen Sam... and glad his parents got to go out for a bit.


Anonymous said...

Poor Sam. Poor you with the two-hour commute. I felt bad that it took me 1.5 hours.

Loved the video.