Sunday, August 19, 2007

We went to the dog park, by Fox and Toby

Today, Rebecca decided to be spontaneous, and we went to the dog park first thing. (We don't know quite what got into her, but we weren't going to complain.)

They weren't kidding. We're really here!

One of our new friends enjoyed digging in the mud pit. I (Toby) tried to dig, too, but Ed and Rebecca not-so-politely asked me to stop.

I insisted Rebecca take my picture.

Chasing AND being chased -- what a deal!

A new friend... no chasing required.

You wouldn't know I didn't used to like to run, would you?

I, on the other hand, LIVE to run...

...and jump over the agility hurdle. (Toby just sits there and watches. But Ed is proud! But why are THEY out of focus? I'm the only one actually DOING anything!?!)

Ahhh... a nice rest.

It often takes quite a lot to tire us out, but with the hot weather, we were ready to come home after about 45 minutes. Maybe we can get someone (whose name rhymes with "Ned") to take us again tomorrow morning?