Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My naked magazine

My "Sports Illustrated" this week has a "fake cover" that has three ads for an "SI" trip to Hawaii sweepstakes and one ad for St. Pauli Girl Lager.

It has a cover photo credit ("Photograph by Thomas E. Witte") listed on page 7.

It has "The Life of Reilly" column as the last bit of editorial.

But it doesn't have a cover.

Page 1 is the second page of what was supposed to be a 2nd cover-page 1 spread. (That will be an expensive mistake.) There's no sign of covers 3 or 4 (naturally).

I wonder how THAT happened? I wonder how many subscribers it happened to? I wonder how many SI folks are wanting to commit suicide right now?

At right is the cover I'm missing. Remind me again how we got along in life before Al Gore invented the Internet? :)


Anonymous said...

Methinks a printer may lose a client.