Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dog days of summer

In the olden days, before he started dating me, Ed and Fox went to Stone Mountain every Sunday morning. There, they went to an area of the park he and some friends dubbed Dog Island. Many of the same people still go each week.

Long story short, one of his Dog Island friends invited us to a picnic for dogs and their people. When the picnic was planned for today, no one knew it would be 99 degrees. In the shade. Thankfully, there is a lake, so the dogs were able to swim or wade. It was still brutal; without the lake it would have been impossible.

Froggy (the doggy)



Toby grabbing a snack of grass

Fox begging for a snack

My typical pose

Toby's typical pose (I joined him once)

Toby was so filthy after the copious amounts of wading and rolling in sand that we had to bathe him when we got home. He was so tired that he rested his chin on the bathtub any time he could. More than four hours later, he's still sound asleep.

Ed misses his Sunday trips to Dog Island, and I can see why. There are lots of great dogs and people there.