Friday, July 13, 2007

Rebecca, Cat Wrangler

Today, Ed and I started trapping a mother cat and her kittens. (We think there are four babies, but we're not sure.) We're going to get them spayed/neutered and either adopt them out or release them back in our neighborhood. (Believe it or not, with feral cats, this is the best option if they're not able to be tamed.)

Ed put a camera on the back of the trap and we watched on t.v. After a slight "tweak" we trapped Mama Cat in about five minutes. Here's a picture I took of the t.v. image of Cat Cam. Loving the digital camera.


Anonymous said...

She doesn't look happy. Welcome back to blogging.

Rebecca said...

She is a very unhappy kitty. And that picture was BEFORE the trap closed behind her. :(